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In a digital media world that becomes more complex by the day, the science communication accelerator helps research organizations and universities to navigate the social media space.

About scicomX

About ScicomX

We are the media agency that understands the needs of academic organizations and the context they are operating in [get in touch].  

The science communication accelerator (scicomX) was founded out of the frustration that science too often does not get the visibility it needs to have a positive impact on society. 

Though the social media space is becoming more complex every day, it is still the best that could have happened to science communication and the opportunities are vast. However, while the opportunity to reach small niche audiences at scale has never been greater, many organizations fall short of their potential to translate science for broader audiences. As a result, the influence of science remains limited, although in these polarized times it would be very necessary to give science a stronger voice.

To give science a stronger voice, the science communication accelerator is on a mission to support research organizations and universities to craft and implement timely communication strategies. 

Do you have a twitter account, but you would like to go broader? Do you want to build the reputation of your institute or research organization, but you do not know where to start? Do you want to start your institute’s podcast, but you would like to speak to someone who has already set up several of them and grown substantial audiences around them? 

If you find yourself in one or more of these questions, then you found the right partner to support you in your journey to build more visibility for your research and brand for your organization [get in touch].  

PhD Julius Wesche, CEO of scicomX, at workshop with universities to better communicate their impact to the public.

Our Services

We empower universities and research organizations to come alive. And we’ve put together the perfect set of skills to make that happen. Whatever we do is guided by craving for positive impact. We are the think:ers and the do:ers that you need to get your word out and to attract visibility for your research and your organization.

Podcast and Social Media Strategy development

The key to content success is to put the people that you want to reach center stage. You do this by crafting media strategies that create value for your target groups and that respects and leverages the current mobile social environment your target groups operate in day by day. We believe that a press release just does not do it anymore in today's fragmented media landscape, but that each target group has different media consumption preferences and therefore needs to be addressed differently. By crafting social media strategies that puts humans center stage and that respects different media consumption patterns, we support you in driving interaction, community building and establishing you as a brand.

Do you want to record a podcast, but you don’t want to do the post-production and distribution? Let us know. Do you have video material but you are to busy to turn it into reels and TikToks? Drop us a line, and we will take care of it.

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Social media strategy implementation - How to do it

The best strategy isn’t worth anything, if it is implemented poorly. And let’s face it, academia is special. While there is great potential for outstanding content in academic institutions, the incentive structure to create content is oftentimes blurred. Hence, we support universities and research institutes in their journey to produce content and to overcome the institutional and organizational barriers inherent in academia.

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Social Media Consulting - Borrow our brains for specific projects

You do not need a full social media strategy, but you are struggling for example with creating a timely dissemination strategy for your Horizon Europe project, or you want some insights on how to create visibility for your recently started podcast? If yes, then borrow our brains and book us for one or two sessions and walk away with a volume of actionable ideas and a robust, strategic roadmap for how to build relevance for your project.

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Practical keynotes and workshops

Do you want to kick start the use of social media in your institute, do you organize a research conference or a summer school, and you are looking for a speaker that speaks from experience and with conviction? If yes, then Julius would be happy to support with talks and Q&A sessions that are filled with practical advice and empathic encouragement.

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scicomX Podcast

The Science Communication Accelerator Podcast aims to empower scientists, universities, and research organizations to harness social media and podcasts to share more science online. To do so, the podcast aspires to create engaging and inspiring episodes with experts in the field of social media and science communication. New episodes every second Tuesday.


behind scicomX

The science communication accelerator was founded by Dr. Julius Wesche. Julius is a marketing major turned innovation systems researcher. He worked at Fraunhofer, earned a PhD from Utrecht University and runs three podcasts at the same time which have garnered several hundred thousand streams. 

Julius envisions a world in which science is easily accessible to broad audiences and where scientists are empowered by their universities and research organizations to share their insights so that societies can benefit. He runs the science communication accelerator as an infinite company that requires funds to function but that will always prioritize trusting teams and impact over short term revenue. The science communication accelerator is built to last.

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Do you want to elevate your science communication to the next level? Then get it touch for a free 20 min Zoom talk to see where we can support you stand out. Fill in the form or send a mail to

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